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>INTER COOLER (Stock replacement type)

 In order to achieve more-efficient heat dissipation, SARD's INTERCOOLER has substantially improved the cooling efficiency while minimizing the pressure loss.
 As a result of our careful focus on every detail, its core capacity has been greatly expanded, the inner fin has been upgraded in shape and layout, an enough area has been given to the tube cross section for smooth intake flow, and the tank has been modified in shape.

Vehicle Model Code Engine Model Model Year Core Size (mm) Parts No. Retail Price
(Without Tax)
Wide Height Depth
CALDINA ST246W 3S-GTE 02.09〜07.06 390 200 98 31462 \113,400
IMPREZA GDB EJ207 00.08〜04.06 468 192 98 31460 \113,400
GC8(280ps) EJ20K/EJ207 96.08〜00.08 468 170 98 31461 \144,900
>>SUBARU IMPREZZA (GC8) needs to be installed with included R2D2 blow off valve.

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