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>Power plus

 When POWER PLUS is added to the gas, incombustible substance contained within gas breaks down and thereby improves transmission ability of flame when combustion. Complete combustion in an ideal condition.

 The POWER PLUS, by improving the problems with fuel fundamentally to ensure complete combustion, increases the power, torque and response of the engine while preventing abnormal combustion phenomena like knocking and etc.
 Also, the secondary effect of the complete combustion removes residues such as carbon, sludge and other byproducts built up in or around the breather system, injectors (carburetors), cylinders and the fuel tank.
 This makes it easier to control the occurrence of toxic substances such as black and white smoke, and HC / CO in exhaust gas.
  As a result, the engine life can be substantially lengthened and the loss or contamination of engine oil can be lessened to a great degree.

Description Capacity Parts No. Without Tax
Power plus 500ml 58210 JPY2,500
>Add 1 bottle to 60L of gas.
>This product is not an octane booster.

 POWER PLUS is an ideal fuel additive that not only increases power but also is good for the environment and the engine.

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