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>Counterfeit product information. (FUEL REGULATOR)

Comparrison of genuine product and counterfeit product.

>Main features of counterfeit product.
Counterfeit label Genuine product label
Counterfeit label has different font and outline of the letters are not clear,
also the label itself is dull-colored.
Counterfeit product Genuine product
The end result is different between counterfeit and genuine product.
Machined surface of genuine product is smooth though counterfeit product has lumpy surface.
Counterfeit vacuum nipple Genuine vacuum nipple
Form of fixation nut at vacuum nipple are not the same.
Identification punch of counterfeit product Identification punch of genuine product
Counterfeit product has only one punch and genuine has tow.
The punch itself is shallow and unclear compared to genuine product.
Mounting stay of counterfeit product Mounting stay of genuine product
Counterfeit product has thin and distorted mounting stay.

>Package specification change.
Genuine product box was used to sell counterfeit product.
SARD product are sealed with special label (security seal) since 17/02/2011.

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